Bonjour. Welcome. Buon giorno

Welcome to BP Paris. Our brand is more than just the articles that we sell. We sell a lifestyle. To daunt the BP logo means you have chosen to take part in something bigger than yourself. A movement. A lifestyle.

Founded in 1999, by Brittnay Pekeles, the haute couture brand as well as herself were transported into Fashion fame thanks to with her swift needlework and impeccable craftsmanship. Within a year the brand had soared to new heights and Mrs. Pekeles was deemed “The most influential female designer since Coco Chanel”. Eventually, the brand signed as a partenaire of the House of Dior, solidifying its couture legacy.

When purchasing an authentic BP piece, you are immersing yourself into our world of luxury, dare and experience. At BP we have our own stories that exist within the clothing, however our goal is to provide our customers with the highest quality materials, in order for them to generate the highest qualities memories and stories for themselves. With the fine and unique materials used in every original piece, we ensure that it is well worth the price, and the story behind it.

Now it’s your turn to write your own, while wearing a one of a kind. Welcome to BP Paris